Accident Compensation

Accident Compensation Lawyer Tampa, Florida

When accidents happen in life, they can often create difficult circumstances for the injured person and all those involved. Between medical bills, property damages, and other byproducts of an accident, the financial strain that is generated is sometimes difficult to manage, especially if there are personal injuries that the person has to get through as well. Thankfully, there can be compensation available for a person who is injured in an accident, even if the injured is somewhat at fault. Navigating through how to receive this compensation can be tricky, but there are options available.

Although the laws governing how accident compensation is managed vary by state, in Florida, compensation can still be available even if the person is at fault to some degree. One example of this is an auto accident. Even if the injured party is found to be “at fault” in the accident, they may still be eligible to gain something from the other party if that party is found to be guilty in some capacity as well. For example, if a person rear ends another driver and is found to be at fault, they may still receive some compensation if the other driver was found to be intoxicated and therefore somewhat liable.

Another good example of available accident compensation is for worker’s compensation cases. According to Florida law, anytime a person is injured on workplace property and is on the job, he or she is eligible to receive funds from the employer to help offset medical bills and the like. This is primarily because the injury would not have been sustained if the individual was working. Even if the accident was either a complete accident or the injured person is partially to blame for what happened, barring any influence of drugs or alcohol of course, the fact that it was at work means that the employer is somewhat liable.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that accidents happen, but when they do, there is relief available. As noted earlier, it can be somewhat difficult to navigate through how to receive accident compensation from an employer or other party, but with a skilled attorney on your side, your accident claim case can be won and you can return to an accident-free life. For more information about how the attorneys of the Franco Law Firm can help with your accident compensation case, please call us at (813) 872-0929 to schedule a free consultation meeting.