Accident at Work Compensation

Accident at Work Compensation Lawyer Tampa, Florida

Everyone would love it if a daily shift at work went perfectly smooth and, while this does happen more often than not, it is an unfortunate reality that sometimes accidents happen at the workplace. Hopefully, the accidents are minor and don’t cause too many problems, but sometimes they do and a person on the job can sustain physical injuries due to an accident. When this occurs, the employer is liable to help the injured worker pay for his or her medical bills, hospital and doctor’s visits, and all treatments relevant to the injury. This is called worker’s compensation and is a requirement for injured employees according to Florida law.

The State of Florida has devised a number of stipulations to its law regarding worker’s compensation that are supportive and in favor of the injured worker. When it comes to filing a claim and making a case for work compensation in a court of law, the only relevant information regarding the claim is the injury itself and the fact that it was sustained at the person’s workplace while the individual was working. All other pieces of information, such as who was the blame for the accident or what was going on at the time that caused the injury are largely irrelevant to the case.

In addition, it is an absolute requirement that the employer cover medical costs associated with an injury of this nature. Granted, they may receive help from their respective insurance companies, as many offer clauses for worker’s compensation claims, and this is okay. The bottom line however must be that the injured employee must be granted funds to help recover from his or her workplace injuries. Some companies will try to get out this, but that is not only immoral, it is illegal in the State of Florida.

Anytime an injury is sustained due to an accident at work, compensation is available for the injured person from his or her employer. It doesn’t matter the circumstances or fault or if it was a completely random accident, and it would be illegal to deny the worker such compensation for his or her injuries. If you or someone you know has suffered and accident at work and the employer refuses to pay compensation, then don’t hesitate to contact the Franco Law Firm so that we can use our experience and fluency with Florida law to help see justice for your worker’s compensation case. For more information, please call us at (813) 872-0929.