SSI Application Process

SSI Application Process Attorney Tampa, Florida

The Social Security program administers lots of benefit funding every year to people who need extra governmental assistance. Anyone in America can apply for these benefits and the process has been designed to not be particularly difficult. Although there are multiple steps to it, one is usually able to navigate on their own or with the help of the necessary caregiver. However, the problem arises when the benefit application is denied, in which extra steps must be taken.

To apply for Social Security (SSI) benefits, one must schedule an appointment with a local Social Security office. This can be done over the phone or, if the individual applying is deaf or hard of hearing, through a telecommunications relay service or by simply visiting the SSI office during regular business hours. No SSI applications are accepted online because they require interactions with a representative from the SSI office and there are multiple parts in the application that must be notarized.

An application filing can be done at any time, although it is recommended that an appointment be scheduled to file with the SSI office within 60 days of the initial call. There are circumstances where benefits may be processed in longer time, but either way, a result should be heard from, in writing, relatively shortly after applying. At this point, the applicant would have options. If his or her application is accepted, all is well. If it is not however, it can be appealed and possibly overturned.

We at the Franco Law Firm believe that everyone in need should have access to the benefits they deserve, so if a claim is denied, then we can help fight to see it come through. With years of experience in the Tampa Bay area helping people have their applications approved, we are confident we can help you with your appeal process beyond the general application. For more information, please call (813) 872-0929.