SSDI Representative

SSDI Representative Lawyer Tampa, Florida

Just like in any other court of law in America, a person who is trying to appeal a rejected Social Security application is allowed to have a legal representative there to counsel and help him or her navigate through the appeals trial process. Having an attorney on your side when you attempt to gain Social Security benefits not only makes the appeal process easier and less stressful, but it drastically increases the chances of winning the case. This is because attorneys have experience with navigating through the legal obstacles that are complicated for most people and some specialize in this kind of law to help those who need SSDI and other benefits but are having trouble getting them on their own. They also know how to tackle the exact problem with the application that allowed it to be rejected to begin with.

In an SSDI appeal case, a legal representative has certain rights that are essential to aiding in the completion and success of the case. Firstly, a hired attorney may not only collect information from his or her client’s Social Security file, but also help obtain medical records and other information. This is very helpful to a case because sufficient documentation is one of the most common reasons why a claim is rejected in the first place. In addition, the attorney may help gather witnesses and other useful assets that will help the appeal go well in court and see that the judge grants the desired benefits.

Obviously, an attorney is also allowed to be present for personal interviews, conferences, hearings, and all meetings relevant to the case and offer advice every step of the way. A good attorney will know exactly how to handle certain aspects of an appeal and be able to offer the necessary counsel as the meetings and court appearances happen, on the fly. Specific to SSDI cases, an attorney may not change a fee beyond what is mandated by the Social Security Administration and the applicant may also transfer some of the legal fees to the Administration if the case is won. This is to ensure that everyone gets the legal representation that they need without fear of paying back the attorney unfairly.

At the Franco Law Firm, we believe that everyone who needs Social Security benefits should be able to obtain them and therefore we are eager to represent those who are trying to appeal to have their application’s rejection overturned. With years of experience in the field of SSI procedures and the laws surrounding them, we have offer all of the above services with a standard of excellence you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the Tampa Bay area. If you or someone close to you has had their Social Security application rejected and needs someone to fight for and with you to see it overturned and justice served, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Our phone number is (813) 872-0929 or you can contact us directly through our website.