Social Security Hearing

Social Security Hearing Attorney Tampa, Florida

Even when an individual’s Social Security application is denied, the system is designed to allow the individual to appeal their case and try to overturn this denial and receive benefits. There are multiple steps that should be taken in the appeal process and an attorney is allowed, and certainly recommended, to represent you and help you navigate through this process every step of the way.

The first step in appealing a social security denial is to file a reconsideration determination. This is essentially a second application sent to a different person than the one who initially denied the case. This gives the applicant the opportunity to have their case reheard with minimal effort. Unfortunately the success rate for this second appeal is fairly low, which often escalates it to the hearing stage. During a hearing, the applicant will need to present their case to a judge specifically designated for this scenario.

During the hearing, the judge will state again the reasons why the application was denied and give the individual the opportunity to present his or her case. Witnesses, such as doctors or other experts, may be called to testify as well. At this stage, it is recommended that the applicant have a strong case prepared in advance so that their case may have the best chance of being overturned. Such preparations may include debunking the reasons why the application was denied in the first place, as well as bringing any additional witnesses to support your cause.

Developing a strong case can be difficult however, so it is highly recommended that the individual use his or her right to an attorney to call in the support of someone who is skilled and experienced in this type of law. The attorneys at the Franco Law Firm are willing and able to help you build a strong case and see that you get the Social Security Benefits that you deserve. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, please call (813) 872-0929.