Social Security Denial

Social Security Denial Attorney Tampa, Florida

The Social Security benefit program in this country and state was designed to help people who are in need receive extra financial funding to help them live the best lives possible. Unfortunately, the governmental funding is not unlimited and therefore not everyone who applies for Social Security benefits will be accepted. There are numerous reasons why an application may be denied and there are certain actions that an individual can take to help his or her application go through successfully.

Each claim sent into the Social Security office is handled on a case by case basis, meaning that each application is given special attention. There are some obvious reasons why an application may be denied. For example, if the application earns too much income, has been convicted of a crime or fraud, has a disability that is based on alcoholism or drug addiction, or has a disability that is very temporary, or less than a year. Most of these can’t be worked around, unless the contrary can be proven for any of the aforementioned scenarios.

Some reasons for social security denial are a little bit more ambiguous however. For example, if the Social Security Administration (SSA) cannot obtain medical records due to a lack of information or refusal to cooperate on the part of the applicant, then they may not have enough information to confirm a disability and therefore deny the application. Failure to follow prescribed therapy is also grounds for denial. These scenarios can be avoided by cooperating with the SSA’s investigation and following medically prescribed treatments.

Even if appropriate actions are taken, sometimes an application is denied. If it is however, it is within the rights of the applicant to appeal to overturn the decision. If it comes to that, it is strongly recommended that a skilled attorney is brought into the case to help the SSA understand why the benefits are deserved. If you or someone you know has been unfairly denied by the Social Security Administration and you require assistance in overturning a denial, the Franco Law Firm is here to help you win the benefits you need. For more information and to schedule a free consultation appointment, please call (813) 872-0929.