Filing for Social Security Benefits

Filing for Social Security Benefits Lawyer Tampa, Florida

In America, the federal government has enacted a program that is designed to help those in society who need extra financial assistance because they cannot work or because they have worked hard for a long time. This program, called Social Security, is available for anyone to apply for, although there is no guarantee that the application will be accepted unless it meets their specific criteria. That being said, the initial filing process is fairly simple and can be done a few different ways.

For some areas, a person can begin the application process by going to the website for the Social Security Administration (which currently is and begin filling out an online application. However, some areas do not accept online applications and must be done in person. You can schedule an appointment with the Social Security Administration by either calling the national number or your local Social Security Office. All of these phone numbers, as well as locations of local offices, can be found on the website noted above.

Depending on the type of Social Security benefit that you are applying for, there are different key times in which you will want to begin the application process. For those looking to apply for retirement benefits, it is a good idea to apply about 4 months before you plan on retiring, which can be done no earlier than a person’s 62nd birthday. For those looking for disability benefits through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, an application can and should be submitted as soon as the disability onsets. This is recommended because the sooner an application is submitted, the sooner benefits can be gained.

Even after an application for SSI benefits is submitted, it is not always accepted and can be rejected for a number of reasons. That being said, a rejection is not the end all for receiving benefits through this program and a person can appeal to have it overturned. If you are applying again, then it is highly recommended to work with an attorney to help win your case and obtain the benefits that you no doubt need. To learn more about how the lawyers of the Franco Law Firm can use their expertise and fluency with SSI protocols and local law to help win your SSI case, please call us at (813) 872-0929.