Disability Backpay

Disability Backpay Attorney Tampa, Florida

When you apply for Social Security benefits, or any government application, there is little denying that the process can take a long time. In order to help mitigate the drudgery of a drawn-out application and appeal process, the system has a facet built into it call disability backpay. Understanding what this is and how beneficial it can be is important if you are applying for Social Security benefits and have to undergo an appeal process.

By definition, disability backpay is the amount of funding that a person is eligible for if their Social Security application is originally denied, but then overturned. Basically, the person will receive the same benefits they would have if it was originally accepted for the duration of time that the overturn process took. This is very beneficial for individuals applying because it helps them recoup the costs of the appeal process. The amount given for the disability backpay is determined by a few factors however.

The first is when the application was originally submitted. There are certain situations where the Social Security Administration (SSA) will even use a date from before the application was submitted, known as a protective filing date. The second factor is the date in which the disability was established. For example, if the disability is a result of an injury sustained in a car accident, then the SSA may use the date of the accident to determine how far back the person is eligible to receive benefits for. Finally, the backpay normally only counts the amount of time after the obligatory “waiting period.” This is the time in which no benefits are dispensed, which is typically five months, but varies on a case by case basis.

If your Social Security benefit application is denied, you have the right to appeal to overturn it. With the help of the Franco Law Firm, we can fight our hardest to help you see that you get the benefits that you deserve, as well as the appropriate disability backpay, which you would be eligible for as well. For more information about how we can help you in this capacity, please call us at (813) 872-0929.