Truck Accident Attorney

Florida Truck Accident Attorney

It wouldn’t take long into a news broadcast or opening of the local paper to hear about a major car accident, but the ones that tend to be even worse are ones involving trucks. Statistically speaking, truck accidents have a higher fatality rate as well as drastically increase the risk for injury, simply because they are vehicles larger than most other ones on the road. Due to this unfortunate reality, truck-related accidents hurt many car drivers, and other truck drivers of course.

As mentioned, truck accidents tend to be worse because they are larger than other car. It seems obvious, but the physics involved in a truck accident drastically increases the risk of injury. Due to the way trucks are designed, they increase the chance of causing a car, or the cargo part of the truck, to flip over, crushing vehicles and seriously injuring those inside. As a car driver, this is obviously very dangerous, and as a truck driver, there is also a risk for damaging the items being transported.

Sleep deprivation is also a relevant factor in many truck accidents, particularly in Florida because of the lobbying groups fighting regulations. Truck drivers are often on the road for a long time, even though the Department of Transportation requires a mandatory rest period after a certain limit, so it is natural to grow tired. This however creates a huge risk of accident because the driver is weary and more likely to cause an accident. This is considered major negligence on the part of the driver and the logs of their driving times can prove this in a court of law.

In any case in which there is a trucking accident, the injured party, usually the driver in the other automobile, can make a case for there to be compensation for their injuries. Truck drivers are held to a higher standard on the road, so negligence is easier to prove. After an accident, it is always smart to file a police report at the scene of the incident so that any compensation can be more easily acquired.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an automobile accident involving a truck, then you or they would need a strong attorney fluent in Florida and local law to be able to help justice be served for this injuries and damages sustained. To find out more about how the Franco Law Firm can serve in this capacity, please call (813) 872-0929 to schedule a free consultation appointment in either English or Spanish.