Motorcycle Injury

Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney Tampa, Florida

Many a four-wheeled driver will cite anecdotes that motorcycles are dangerous and the risk for injury or death is much higher than a regular car. There isn’t much hard evidence to support this, but nonetheless, motorcycle injuries can and do occur. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, Florida law is in your favor and the attorneys of Franco Law Firm can help you find justice and compensation.

In the State of Florida, motor vehicle law clearly states that the at-fault party in a traffic accident, which includes motorcycles just as much as other types of automobiles, is obligated to compensate the injured party. This is good news for the injured, as it provides major relief in a distressing time. This financial compensation can help cover medical costs, repairs to the vehicle, and give the injured peace of mind.

The only time a controversy can occur, in an instance specific to motorcycle accidents, is if the rider of the motorcycle was not wearing a helmet. Although it is highly recommended that a person does wear a helmet to prevent more severe injury or death, one is not required to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Thankfully, Florida law favors the motorcyclist even if he or she is not wearing one. So long as the injured can prove that he or she would have sustained injuries regardless of the helmet, he or she would still be entitled to monetary compensation. All you would need is a strong lawyer who is willing you help you find justice and this settlement.

Thankfully as well, the attorneys at Franco Law Firm are just the people who can help. With years of experience and extensive knowledge of Florida and local law, we can help settle any motorcycle injury case and help you get back to riding once again. If you or someone you know sustains bodily injury or property damage in a motorcycle accident, please call us at (813) 872-0929 for a consultation.