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Personal injury laws are usually determined on the state level rather than on the federal one, particularly for automobile related accidents and related incidents. This may seem like it would make navigating them trickier, but it actually allows personal injury attorneys the ability to focus on that state’s policies and statutes and help the residents of that state to get the best help they can in matters of personal injury law. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile for you as a Florida resident to be aware of some of the laws and statutes concerning state injury law for your own knowledge and in the event something happens in your life to require filing a case.

Deadlines are an important factor in many personal injury cases. According to Florida law, a person typically has four years to file a personal injury case. After that, it becomes a matter of exception for such a case to even be heard. Some examples of cases that can be filed after four years would be if it could be proven that the injuries are long term and did not manifest themselves until many years later. It should also be noted that any injury claim against any government agency has a deadline of three years rather than four. Understanding deadlines is important because it denotes when you can and should file an injury case. Of course, you should always seek to resolve an injury case as soon as possible to increase your chances of victory.

Another tenant of Florida law that is worth knowing is the comparative negligence law, which states that even the injured may be partially to blame in a personal injury case if it can be proven that his or her carelessness affected the outcome of the injury. For example, even if a person was not deemed at fault in an injury-causing car accident, but that person was speeding, he or she may be deemed partially responsible and therefore eligible for less compensation. Insurance companies in particular reference this law so that they don’t have to dispense as many funds to help those injured in motor accidents.

In every case of personal injury in Florida, it is a good idea to have a skilled attorney in your corner who not only has the expertise to help you win the case, but is determined to see you succeed and help restore your life to normal. For more information about how the attorneys at the Franco Law Firm can fulfill this role for you, please call us at (813) 872-0929.