Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Catastrophic Injury Attorney Tampa, Florida

Any kind of accident almost always has some kind of damage associated with it, but sometimes those damages can become much more severe than normal. Injuries that have serious or permanent damage are considered catastrophic injuries and they are by far the worst kind for a person to endure. Not only do such injuries create a burden physically and psychologically for the individual, but they often present a challenge to family members and caregivers. In addition, catastrophic injuries carry a heavier financial cost, which makes managing them even more difficult.

There are a number of ways that catastrophic injuries are caused, but all of them have the element of seriousness in common. Some are treatable, but leave permanent scars and damage. A common example of this is a major burn, which can not only scar skin tissue, but may damage muscles and bones underneath. Other kinds of trauma can leave major damage to internal organs, bones, or the brain.

Some kinds of catastrophic injuries leave permanent damage. Although these situations are extreme, they do happen, especially in auto accidents and other bad incidents. Spinal cord injuries tend to be a common manifestation of this because they often leave permanent nerve damage or paralysis. In very severe cases, amputations of limbs are required to save lives.

While catastrophic injuries seem like they would only come from severe accidents, sometimes even “minor” incidents can cause them. For example, if someone at work falls off a ladder and falls on something at just the right angle to affect the spinal cord, major nerve damage could occur. That is why safety regulations are important to follow to minimize this risk.

When catastrophic injuries do occur, they are always very costly and difficult for the individual afflicted and his or her family. In these situations, it would be very helpful to have extra help, particularly if someone else was to blame for the injury or injuries. The right attorney can help make a case for that and win back compensation to help an afflicted individual through such a trying time, so that he or she can find a new normal life as soon as possible. To learn about how the attorneys at the Franco Law Firm can help you or someone you know find justice in a catastrophic injury case, please call us at (813) 872-0929 for a free consultation.