Brain Injury Lawyer

Head Injury Lawyer Tampa, Florida

There is an old witticism that a mind is a terrible thing to lose, but the reality is that brain injuries do more than just affect a person’s mental state. Head injuries, like concussions, can cause long-term damage as well as mental and physical problems, ranging from minor and temporary to severe and permanent. Unfortunately, head trauma is common in major car accidents and even more so for auto accidents involving motorcyclists. While these kinds of injuries can sometimes be avoided, they often cannot be and therefore should be handled efficiently.

The best way to avoid brain injuries, at least for motorcyclists, is to always wear a helmet while riding. While this is not a legal requirement in the State of Florida, it is certainly a smart choice and majorly helps reduce the risk of head trauma in the event of an accident. Car and truck drivers do not necessarily have this luxury, but these vehicles also tend to be overall safer and, even still, accidents involving head injuries still do happen.

As with all injuries, it is important to do two things as soon as possible after the injury is sustained. The first is, of course, to seek medical treatment to minimize the potential for long-term damage and to treat any immediate trauma. Secondly however, it is important to document any injuries as they happen. Medical treatment is of course a way to do this, but adding such details to an accident report is always a good idea. The more extensive the documentation of an injury, the more “valid” it is in court, which is key for seeking compensation for an injury.

Thankfully, if there is an accident involving a brain or head injury, the at-fault party is almost always liable to provide compensation to the injured, since these are usually considered major injuries. In this case, it is certainly helpful to have an attorney on your side who is able to fight for this compensation so that you can acquire the funds you need to pay for the sometimes lengthy medical treatment process. To learn more about how to find an excellent brain injury lawyer at the Franco Law Firm, please call us at (813) 872-0929.