Bike Injury

Bicycle Injury Attorney Tampa, Florida

In a world where many people are striving to live healthier lives, many have turned to riding a bicycle as both a potent form of exercise as well as an effective way to get from here to there. In a state where we are blessed with sunny weather most of the year, many people are also turning to biking as a leisure activity and it has become quite popular due to the pleasant weather. However, sometimes the ride isn’t always so pleasant for the bicyclist and accidents can and do occur. For example, a cyclist may be hit by a careless car driver, or might even collide with another person on a bicycle. Whatever the scenario, every cyclist should have the right to compensation if he or she is injured in this way, and thankfully, there is a way.

Florida infrastructure is fortunately kind to bicycle riders. Most major roads have specific lanes designated for cyclists, which give them enough room to ride around without directly being affected by moving automobile traffic. This being said, there is still a certain risk factor for a bicyclist to be hit by an oncoming vehicle, especially if said motorist is being reckless or is not paying attention to the road like he or she should. A swerving car may indeed still knock over someone on a bicycle because it is obviously a much smaller object. This can cause significant injuries to the rider and his ride, even if the cyclist is wearing a helmet, which decreases, but not eliminates risk of injury.

If you or someone you know finds yourself in a situation where an injury like in this or a similar scenario occurs while on a bicycle, there is hope to find relief. The person who inflicts the injury is liable to provide financial compensation for any injuries that occur to the persona and any damages done to property. All you would need would be a strong and knowledge attorney to help you fight for that compensation and Franco Law Firm can provide just that. To learn more about how we can help in your bicycle injury case, please call (813) 872-0929.